VOICES. A thousand little steps.

We have a vision: we want to make a film that gives life-affirming, positive examples for human connections to themselves, each other and their natural environment. The following words will illustrate the idea, the concept and the anticipated protagonists of the project.

Time and time again we find ourselves overwhelmed with pictures of anger and suffering around the globe, without anything to grab a hold of and change it. So - how do we change for the better? How do we do good step by step?

We would like to go and raise the microphone to people who do good. People in different cultures, with diverse backgrounds and varying interests, people who have managed to stay positive in a turbulent time. People who are living life with passion and purpose. 

The guiding principle is to listen to the voices of our protagonists. We aim to weave all their stories together to create a colourful array of faces and ideas - a film of 60 minutes.

We believe that most of our deepest human needs and emotions are the same throughout different times and cultures. Hence we aim to highlight the fundamental similarities between human beings in the most different circumstances and let them be the recurrent theme throughout the film. 

There will be no narrator other than the protagonists themselves. It will be their own words that are supposed to guide us through the story.

The film will focus on togetherness. It will be taking a stand for more acceptance and tolerance in human relations by taking the viewer onto a journey to the lives of our protagonists, who question, act and educate to create the base for a good future.

We, as the creators of this film, are not asking for an objective truth, but rather hope to create a compilation of strong and positive humanistic stories, to inspire people to stay curious, positive and act for what they care about.

“Many small people, in many small places, who do many small things, will change the face of the world.”

We aim to touch people through positive role models. We want to inspire and motivate change to the better. We think it’s on us, to challenge our believes, to make wise choices and to create a better future - for all of us, for our planet and for all those who are still to come. Every small step counts.


We’ve been working together as a small film collective for two years now and the wish to work together at a larger, more meaningful video portrait series has developed over time. The whole project is a self-funded passion project - there is no commercial intention behind it.







To make the whole film possible, we are asking for your help. At the moment, we still are only a team of two. In order to keep the project alive and continue this work, we are looking for protagonists and motivated people who’d like to join the team behind the camera and in postproduction. Also we’re dependent on funding to keep going and to help more voices to be heard. That’s why every help - be it in form of helping hands or a donation to fund further filming is much appreciated.

Thank you!